Discipline while playing poker

Unfortunately, nowadays, many people do not realize the degree of its importance, which leads to the saddest consequences. Why? Suffice it to say that without proper discipline you simply will not have a chance to become a strong player. No matter how well theoretical material is given to you, it will be useless without practical application. Everything seems very simple when you sit at home on the couch and in their soft slippers, but in the casino everything will be different. There will be a bright light, laughter, TV, music, noise, and all this will be distracting. Therefore, it is very important to honestly answer yourself the question: “What is my goal?”. If you just want to play for money in poker, play a large number of pots, hope that, finally, “trample” and try to catch a miracle, etc. – do not hesitate. But if you want to win real money, then you have only one choice left. Play good hands and get rid of trash. Reset in early positions preflop. Staying with good odds and discarding everything else. Rarely bluff. Bet for profitability, etc., etc. If this is your way, then be prepared for the fact that over time you will become a truly strong player and deserve great respect at the gaming table. Other players will be willing to see your victorious hand and will be willing to pay for it. That is why discipline is so important when playing poker.
It is worth saying a little about tolerance towards weak players. Do not scold the bad players. Often, when one of them manages to catch a lucky card and win, one wants to say that he was just lucky. However, this should not be done. Remember that this is a weak player, i.e. a potential cash cow, a player that allows you to make money. Remember that if you ruin a relationship with him, he can simply leave the table and thus not allow you to get his money. Better tell him the traditional NH — that is, “nice hand.”
Now about the lesions. First of all, you must understand that it is always impossible to win. D. Sklansky said: “All is one big session.” Remember, your goal is to win big money over long distances. If the “game has gone” and at the same time you feel good, continue. If not, or your head is crammed with some other things – better leave. It will not lead to anything good.