Online Poker: How to recognize fatigue in time

Playing poker in a tired state can lead to serious consequences. If you are going to go to Las Vegas or to another city in order to participate in a poker festival or tournament series – you need to stay vigorous and full of energy for a long time.
There is nothing wrong with playing long sessions until late at night. As a rule, it is even an integral part of the game, for example, when you are playing in a very active mode and want to properly manage the game situation. In these cases, when the game is so good, you have nothing left but to continue it as long as possible.
But playing in an exhausted, tired state can lead to disastrous consequences. Quite often, the player is sincerely unaware of his tiredness, which makes the situation even worse. It’s like driving under the influence of alcohol. Some drivers mistakenly believe that they can fully control the car, but their judgments are fundamentally wrong. the time of their reaction is clearly disturbed. They just feel better when they are under the influence of alcohol.
At the time of the onset of fatigue, our perceptions and reactions are dulled, but we are still not aware that we are tired. At some point, the player does not even have the strength to get up and leave the table. Feeling attached to his chair and not understanding it, he makes mistake after mistake – he is too passive and inconsiderate, and time goes.
At this point, we mean repeated, uncontrolled yawning – two or more times in every few minutes. This is a reliable indicator of severe fatigue.
Blinking eyes
This may be caused by smoke, but it is also a symptom of extreme fatigue. This is especially pronounced in combination with frequent yawning (even if you tell yourself that everything is in order).
The need to tilt your head or body to view objects or people in the poker room
In a cheerful state, the amplitude of movement of your eyeballs is large enough. The view moves with ease from one object to another. However, if you become very tired, your eyes will find it harder to move, and you will unconsciously help them with your head or upper part of the body.
Stooped posture and the need to support the head
Some people constantly slouch, but for those who normally sit upright at the poker table, this is another criterion for fatigue along with the need to support their heads with their hands.