Poker player image

First, image is reputation. Perhaps you are a home game regular, a renowned online professional, or a distinguished television player. Each of us has our own reputation, which goes one step ahead of us. If you play poker online, while being a well-known online player, you will initially be perceived as a real professional. But, if you play live, you will often be at the same table with people who know you little, who have no idea about your game. In such situations, you should focus and very carefully study the habits of your opponent.
No less important is the conversation at the table, as well as body language. Here you can also add the appearance, manners and even the color of your skin. When playing poker online, chat can be a way to support a conversation at the table.
People form their opinions at the moment when they look at you. And if you look like 21, people will immediately take you for a “young weapon” or a “daring child”, and it doesn’t matter anymore that you are the most educated and respectful person at the table. And if you have gray hair and photos of grandchildren on a shirt of cards, then people begin to perceive you as a conservative player whom they will beat in two counts.
Let’s look at a few examples of how you can use an image in poker, although in fact the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. One example would be when you are dealing with a very strong hand after you have increased the stakes of several hands in a row while bluffing. The basic instinct of yours in such a situation would be an overwhelming desire to perform some trick, but you should play this hand exactly the same way you behaved during several previous games. Never forget that only your bets and your bluff remain in memory and for a long time leave the seed of doubt that can help you break the bank.
In short, there are no limits to the things you can do with your image, but only on the condition that you will always be alert and extremely intelligent. Only then can you use in your own interests all the situations that will give an image in poker. The biggest obstacle that most newcomers face is associating themselves with a particular category of players.